Environmental Issues


By C.H. Amara

When we hear the word environment, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds are ideas of nature, such as birds, trees, air and water. Today in the media, we always hear that ‘environmental issues’ are becoming a pressing concern. Therefore, we tend to think that it is the birds, trees, air and water that are in danger. What we forget is that our lifestyles depend on maintaining the quality of these environmental aspects. Air and water quality are both important to maintain for animals, and for people.

There are a variety of environmental issues we face today. Recycling is not enough. We need to do more to understand what environmental issues are and what they mean for the future. The best thing we can do is learn about these issues and take action in our daily lives.

A fun activity to do is to calculate your carbon footprint. Your “carbon footprint” is how much carbon dioxide your personal lifestyle generates. Although carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring substance, it has never existed in our atmosphere in this quantity. Activities such as burning fuel and electricity use release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Once you complete this, you’ll have a better understanding of what your activities is costing the earth, and where you can improve!


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