Portrait of Life


My dark hair, brown eyes, brown skin, white teeth, long arms and long legs, are my physical


I am more than an artist, more than a human being, and there is more to my story.

Take a look at this portrait, look deep into this portrait, and what you see is not a boy,

transforming into a man, but a boy that has evolved into a man.

I have come into my own, and I have gained knowledge along the way.

I am a leader, yes, an over-achiever, and I will succeed at succeeding.

With every ounce of energy in my body, with every breath I take, I’m giving it my all, whether I

rise, whether I fall.

I’ve come too far, been doing this too long, so giving up is not an option.

True, many days were filled with sadness, I was distracted and even annoyed, but none of it can

compare to the greater joy.

I tumbled but I did not crumble and I now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The presence of love is here and it’s felt, it’s that unconditional feeling that I won’t soon forget.

As I travel these roads and go down this journey, I’ll cherish each moment as if I’m the last man


This is the Portrait of Life.


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