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Written By: Joseph Camp

Interest in new trends is an all-time high, evidenced by the chronicles of countless Instagram posts and social media interactions. As men’s shows end, men’s wear maniacs are obsessing on what 2017 has in store for them. Our curiosity drives us to bet on flood pants, leopard print and oversize suits as the most likely trends that may hit the global stage.

In what is likely to appear as a rebound, designers are keen to integrate the seventies and the new themes to provide authenticity and style. Glamor is not an option when it comes to men’s fashion in 2017. While most designers used the Milan catwalks to manifest their upcoming trends, the Heroic Magazine takes a brief view of what the market has in store:

The knee skimming shorts

While this year has seen numerous sporty and seventies-styled thigh grazers in the shows, we expect to see slightly longer shorts. The new shorts features slim designs with no turn-up, and pressed with cuts to provide something breathable. The patterns are significant with Navy dominating the prominent spots of the shorts.











Neck it
In addition to the conventional sunglasses and caps, neckerchiefs will be a necessary accessory for men. They were quite visible at the Paris catwalks and even more conspicuous in London and Milan Shows. The trend involves tying or folding the neckerchief under the lightweight crew necked jumpers.








The Cuban colors

As the summer sets in, fashion enthusiasts are looking for the grandfather’s best short-sleeved shirts. The 1950 designs are likely to feature in a season that is very likely to get hotter and possibly ditch the heavy knitwear and oxford shirts. Consider the lightweight shirts that come with a retro Cuban Collar and do not fear to get bold.








On the other hand, women are known to be the industry leaders when it comes to fashion. A snoop on the upcoming trends for women gives four major trends and the specifications that accompany the designs. They include:

Raw Coast

The Raw coast brings a shift in minimalism that leans more towards natural environment, coastal classics, and modern luxury. With clear lines, organic feel and delicate utility, it is an accurate reflection of elegance. It pays homage to the seas thanks to a myriad of maritime graphics.

pic7 pic6









La Isla

The seasons seem to take much from Cuba, perhaps because Cuba is opening its gates to the world. The rich culture and the exotic mysteries remain critical towards inspiring new trends as well as quenching the thirst for those craving for romance on the brightly colored structure and tropical beaches. It is an accurate reflection of the bliss of life, the peeling paints of the buildings as well as the lush flowers on the trees. Fashion has converged the past and present to dance to a similar tune, as they celebrate the rich past and exciting future.

pic8 pic9 pic10










Fashion evolves as people travel across different nations and get new insights to their creative ideas. If you are an environmentalist, you cannot miss the stunning features that inspire harmony in the modern multicultural world. Foreign souvenirs show a different perspective but are best when done in unpredictable style.

pic11 pic12


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