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Getting to Know Anuradha Chhibber

AP: You have such a bright and beautiful personality. Name a few of your goals?

AC: Thank you very much! My goals are not as simple or as “itemized” as one would hope! I take a more holistic approach when looking at my goals, happiness, etc.

– For starters, I want to be a great example for younger generations to come. Not stick thin? Great. You’re just as beautiful. I want younger girls to look at me and be inspired to OWN IT.

– I want to make my family, especially my mom, proud of me– She is everything to me and has sacrificed a lot to make sure I achieve success. The success that I have today is because of her—and I want her to always hold her head high, knowing that I made her proud.

– I want to be completely debt free (student loans, etc) so I can focus on building a strong foundation of wealth and brand recognition.

– I want to be able to provide for my family (future and current) and not have to worry about finances, etc.

– I am a singer, I am an actress, a public figure, a cook, a makeup artist, AND I am a Project Controller for one of the prestigious “Big 4” Accounting firms in the United States. I want to excel in everything I do and let people know that you CAN have many passions, and you CAN accomplish everything you set your mind to. Don’t get stuck on labels.  

– I want to be a leader in my field and have a brand of my own.

– I want to stand out in a positive way and reduce any misconceptions about being an Indian, a woman, or an immigrant.

– I want people to say “she KNOWS what she’s talking about!” and I want to be known for my brains AND my beauty.

– Lastly, I want to look back and say I did everything I wanted to, and I feel great! I want to be MY version of successful.

AP: What are you doing to turn your goals into a reality?

AC: Currently, I have put many things into place.

–  I have been networking a lot, of course. Networking, in my opinion, is the center of everything—every great story, almost every success, and every great partnership. Because of networking, I just signed to be a part of two great short films, and I recently came back from New York Fashion Week, where I walked the red carpet and was invited to attend amazing shows.

– Next, I save a lot! I keep track of my finances the way people keep track of stocks or celebrities! I make sure I am saving more than I am spending, and if I spend more than my budget for the month, I just make sure to replace that income with something else or, I reduce my budget for the next month.

– I have yet to add more to my Youtube channel—I am trying to get better with updating my social media as frequently as possible (this is a work in progress).

– Next, instead of anger and demands, I try to educate misinformed people about my culture, my religion, and what it means to be an Indian woman.

– Lastly, I always express myself and my beliefs in the best way I can. I believe in always keeping an open line of communication, so people can get to know you and what you’re about!

AP:  In what ways do you give back to your community?

AC: I am actively involved with my community.

– Of course, there is the philanthropy aspect of donating whenever possible.

– Next, I try to help any way I can. If someone I know is looking for a job or if someone needs advice, I try to support them in any way they need.

-Lastly, the great part of working for the company that I do is, they are extremely involved with the community. We have something called “Impact Day,” which allows people to take one day out of the week, every year, to go out in the community and volunteer 8 hours of their time. Just the fact that a company is volunteering to take a day off from productivity, for the sake of community, is amazing and admirable. This, among other things, is why I love the company I work for.    

AP: What is something that people find surprising about you?

AC: I think, as a whole, my life surprises people. I am an Indian, that was born in Kenya, and is living in the US. Although I grew up here, I am still very Indian. That too, FULL Indian (Hindu Punjabi to be exact). I say this because people always think I am mixed.  I am very in touch with my roots, and I am a huge Bollywood fan!  Although I am independent, my family’s love and support mean everything to me. I am actually pretty shy, but I act like I am not! Although I am really upbeat and positive, I had a pretty tough time in school. I was bullied a lot and surpassed a lot of obstacles to get to where I am. I realized my true talents when I went to college. I have a Youtube channel where I sing, but I will eventually add other things to it (again, super lazy but working on it!). Although I am a professional in the corporate world, I would love to be a public figure and travel the world, inspiring others. Lastly, I did my masters in Barcelona and it changed my life!

AP: What can we expect from you in the near future?

AC: Well, please keep a look out for me. I’m moving up and I am not stopping!! Follow me on Instagram: @Anuradhaduzbeauty, @Anuradhaduzlife, @Anuradhaduzfood. And please subscribe to my Youtube channel: Anuradha Chhibber. I have two short films coming out later this year into the beginning of next year, I have amazing videos capturing my journey into Fashion Week, and of course, I have more to come. Stay tuned!



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