Kevin Shahroozi – The Fashion Guru Who is Changing Lives!

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Kevin Shahroozi

The Fashion Guru Who is Changing Lives!

Spring 2015 “Calm after the Storm” has arrived!


AP: What set’s your fashion apart from others?

KS: Shahroozi is a New York-based designer creating innovative modern
menswear. The designer focuses his designs on a mix between high end
dressy and high end street style, sometimes known as, “business with
an edge.” Shahroozi clothes are made with genuine, authentic high
quality fabrics and materials that come at an affordable price to
other high end fashion brands.

The Shahroozi brand’s message is about pursuing purpose while wearing
it. In other words looking really good while trying to change the
world or influence it however best you can. And with Shahroozi you
will always look good enough while, attaining your success.

Shahroozi menswear clothes are exciting! (While still wearable),
Compared to many other popular menswear brands in today’s society

AP: Is there anything intriguing about the Spring/Summer collection?

KS: This dark storm is the reason for the dark colors in the collection –
black, dark blue, grey, etc. It is called the storm but I was the
furthest thing from calm”
The spring/summer Collection of menswear is aptly described by the
designer as “the calm after the storm”. The majority of pieces in the
collection were solid tones and included dark colors such as blue,
grey and black, with stark splashes of white.

AP:  Describe your fashion line in one word?

KS: Modern

AP: Who are your favorite designers and how have they inspired you?

KS: Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford. The simplicity, timelessness, and dressy
design of Giorgio Armani, and how he keeps the clothes looking
fashionable. Tom Ford is very intense with his details and always uses
high quality, luxurious fabrics. The minimalism, yet fashionable with
an edge of their design aesthetic is what inspires me.

AP: Your line of clothing has a catchy look, was that intentional?

KS: My designs remain true to my modern and sophisticated style, while
providing comfortable and wearable pieces. People feel stylist and
confident as they wear several items from the collection. The array of
bomber jackets, leather trousers, and blazers prove that sacrificing
comfort for style isn’t always necessary.

AP:  How big of a following do you currently have?

KS: I currently have over 1000 followers on Instagram. We are aiming to be
a well-known brand and hopefully will have over 100,000 within the
next year or two.

AP:  What’s next for you?

KS: Entering stores and obtaining investors. Thankfully, I have a business
manager now that has extensive experience in business and wants to
work with me to grow the Shahroozi brand. We are really trying to find
a way or ways to grow this brand to be well known, successful, and
profitable. So far in our time (which is slightly over a year), we
have had five fashion shows and designed a couple of collections.
There has been a lot of positive feedback from the people that watched
our runway shows and from social media.


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