Staying Resilient in the Face of Adversity


As human beings, it’s totally normal to go through some type of adversity. There are different types: financial, legal, medical and social. I’m sure there is more is more I’m forgetting, so feel free to post additional ones in the comments. When I think of resilience, I think of people who still peruse their goals and remain their composure in spite of the fact that a huge bump in the road just hit them harder than baseball bat. I think an important question to ask yourself after you get hit is “Am in one piece?” and “What steps do I need to take to get back on track and turn my goals or dreams into a reality?”

With these 2 questions I can stake my life on the fact that you can overcome most of the challenges you might be fasting. It’s also important to keep in mind, who’s counting on you to pull through. Kids come to mind when I make this point. But you don’t need to have kids. It could your spouse, your partner, parents or your best friend who you made a promise to. It could also be you. You might have made a goal for the day or month or made a new yours resolution you totally forgot about. There’s definitely other ways of staying resilient, but I’m pretty sure these tips will help you make a great start!

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Article By: Toyin Bello


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