Was Tamar Braxton Discriminated Against?


Tamar Braxton has been all over the media these last few weeks. The singer/reality TV personality and former talk show host was recently fired from “The Real,” and everyone’s talking about it. It’s no secret that Braxton, 39, brought a certain type of spunk to the show that made it entertaining, so why get rid of one of the best reasons to watch the show?

Your guess is as good as ours. Even Braxton said she doesn’t know why she was let go, and producers over at “The Real” didn’t give an official reason. Insiders are saying it’s because she didn’t get along with her co-hosts or producers, and some say it’s because she’s too ghetto to be on “The Real.”

Do I believe that she didn’t get along with her co-hosts? No. I’m sure they’ve butted heads at times, but I believe that they all genuinely have love for one another. Is Tamar Braxton too ghetto? Absolutely not! She’s a hard working woman in showbiz who didn’t let the industry change who she is. She was put on “The Real” because she’s the definition of what real is, and now that she’s gone it will be interesting to see how the show turns out and it will be interesting to see if the producers come forward with a reasonable explanation in the coming days.

Was she indirectly discriminated against? That’s a matter of opinion. I feel as though she was, and here’s why; producers never told the public or fans of the show why she was fired, and they waited until after season two was over to fire her. Doesn’t that say enough? The shade is real over at “The Real.” You can’t keep a strong woman down. Tamar Braxton is getting her very own talk show, thanks to Mr. Steve Harvey. We couldn’t be more excited for her.

We need someone to entertain us, to be straight up real, and to be themselves while doing it. We love you Tay Tay, and we got your back. Can’t wait to see you back in action, doing what you do.


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