By Cecily Siemann


Today’s world requires that you not only have more education than ever, it also requires you to know

everybody. That’s right, when you’re not hauling your books, laptop, and ass around town, going to

school, doing this work/study thing, or the most confused status of them all—the coveted internship,

you’re supposed to keep up with the Joneses, or rather the Zuckerbergs, the Jobs, the Actons, Koums,

etc, and have meaningful connections with them. So much so, that they will ask you if you want to work

for them once you’re done with that bomb internship.

Now, for some of us none-human, robototic-types, this might be a breeze—but for those of us who have

thoughts, the need for sleep, and time where we don’t care what we look like while we’re eating food,


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