Drinking and Driving


Drinking and Driving
By: C.H. Amara

Drinking and driving is a deadly act. It endangers you, your passengers, and other families in cars around you. After a night of drinking, it might be tempting to get in the car and get home. After all, you only had one or two right? Wrong! Even one drink can significantly increase your chance of an accident. Why put everything at risk? Here are some tips on how to avoid putting yourself in this situation.
1) Plan your travel home *before* you go out. If you try to go somewhere where you can get home without a car, such as a bar near a subway or bus stop, you can leave your car at home and not risk driving home intoxicated.
2) Rotate between your friends who the designated driver is. Don’t make one friend always be the designated driver, because after a while they’ll have no reason to go out with you. On that note – always treat them nicely! Buy them food and soda and other things so they are happy to hang out during your debauchery. You can always continue the party at home so that the designated driver can party but no one has to travel.
3) If you absolutely have to drive home – you need to wait the only way to get to .00 is to wait at least 45 minutes per drink. So, eat some food and wait it out. No amount of drinking water or any other trick will make this time go faster. It might take longer or shorter depending on your metabolism, so it’s important to at least do the 45 minutes. After that, remember that you are still taking a risk. This should be an absolute last resort method.
Keep everyone safe, and drive sober!


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